Sunday, May 16, 2010

R14 vs Sagan Tosu

Sagan Tosu 3 - 0 FC Gifu (ht 2-0)

Gifu finished off their killer schedule of five trips in two months to Kyuushuu with two wins and three losses. Not too bad considering..
The game against Tosu though showed the tiredness that the team was feeling, and also Manager Kuratas reluctance to change the starting members in positions that need changing, for example defence...

Back to Meadow next week and a big game against Mito. Mito is looking average, but so are we. A must win to get out of the rutt that we're in...

R13 vs Kashiwa Reysol

FC Gifu 0 - 2 Kashiwa Reysol (ht 0-1)

Kashiwa were way to good for Gifu who only offered two shots at goal.
As for the Kashiwa fans... well they did turn up in numbers which was good to see but... there were punches thrown, shirts ripped, rubbish all over the place, and they even made their own drum out of a broken flagpole and a suitcase - even though drums are banned at Meadow.
Half of em look like they come out of a yakuza movie...
ah... Kashiwa, gotta love em.
(still, their team is awesome, and levels above the other teams in the league...)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

R12 vs Tokushima Vortis

Tokushima Vortis 4 - 0 FC Gifu (ht 0-0)

This was always going to happen. Gifu held out in the first half and actually slightly dominated but in the end the tiredness of the rough travel schedule that they faced finally caught up with them and they were pasted.

Hopefully the team will be a bit more rested for the game against Kashiwa who are unbeaten this week, or else a similar scoreline could be on the cards...

R11 vs Thespa Kusatsu

FC Gifu 2 - 1 Thespa Kusatsu (ht 0-0)

Gifu won their first game at Meadow with goals to Oshitani and Tanaka just after half time.
A good all round effort.

R10 vs Gilabantz Kitakyushu

Gilabantz Kitakyushu 0 - 1 FC Gifu (ht 0-1)

Nishikawa steals a goal just before half time. Both teams looked average but we did just enough.

R9 vs JEF Chiba

JEF Chiba 2 - 0 FC Gifu 0 (ht 1-0)

Chiba were too strong here, we were anything but...