Wednesday, January 30, 2008

FC Gifu vs Nagoya Grampus Pre-season Match

It has been announced that a pre-season match between Tokai neighbours FC Gifu and Nagoya Grampus will be held at Nagara on February 24.
This should be an interesting game as it pits together two legends of Nagoya Grampus during its glory days, Moriyama and Stoikovich. But this time Moriyama will come as a player for FC Gifu whereas Stoikovich will come as the newly appointed coach of Grampus.
The game should be interesting for a number of reasons:
1. The Kisogawa Derby! A new rivalry will be made between these two teams with only a half an hour train ride seperating the two J clubs.
2. This will be the first time that FC Gifu have played a J1 team in Gifu. How will they fair??
3. This will be the main warm up game before the J-league for both these teams.
4. Stoikovich's reign begins here! He promises a much more entertaining brand of football for the Grampus, but can he dig Nagoya out of hole of ordinary results from the last few years??
5. Gifu does not want to lose to Nagoya!!! Associated as the little brother to Nagoya, only a win will give them some credential and their own identity. On the other hand Nagoya won't want to lose to "minnows" FC Gifu now will they??

FC Gifu vs Juven FC Youth - Practice match

vs FC Gifu - Top Team
FC Gifu 6 - 0 Juven FC Youth (half 3-0)
vs FC Gifu - Second Team
FC Gifu 4 - 0 Juven FC Youth (half 1-0)

Hiraoka Retires

Ex-J Leaguer Hiraoka Naoki retired from football this week at the ripe old age of 34. Born in Osaka, the defender was plucked out of high school by J1 club Shimizu S-Pulse where he spent over ten years and 200 appearances at the club before moving to Gifu in 2005. He provided vital experience to the team and helped guide FC Gifu through its fairy tale run from the Tokai Division 2 League to where it is now, the J2.
Hiraoka has recently accepted an offer to coach JFL newcomers Mio Biwako Kusatsu for their debut season.
We wish him the best. Thanks for the memories Hiraoka!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hello's and Goodbye`s

New to FC Gifu for 2008
Naoto Kouno ← Sanfreece Hiroshima
Yuuki Tamura ← Sanfreece hiroshima
Kouji Yoshimura ← Yokohama FC Marinos
Nobunari Nishida ← Fukuoka University
Takeshi Umeda ← Oita Trinita
Shinya Nasu  ← Ventforet Kofu
Kazunori Kan ← Kochi University
Ryouma Hashiuchi ← Tokai University
Shinya Kawashima ← Avispa Fukuoka
Hiromi Kojima ← Yokkaichi Chuo Industry H.S.
Mitsunori Yabuta ← Yokohama FC
Shougo Shimada ← Sagawa Kyuubin SC
Masamoto Katayama ← Matsumoto Yamaga FC
Yousuke Kawasaki ← Kagoshima Industry H.S.
Hoiru Kan ← Yoshibi International University

Departing FC Gifu for 2008
Daisuke Tanaka
Tetsuya Kijima
Kouji Nakao
Masahiko Kimura → Fagiano Okayama
Ryuu Saitou
Takeshi Unno → AC Nagano Palceiro
Tsutomu Matsuda → Kariya FC
Mitsutoshi Watada → Fariya FC
Naoki Hiraoka → Retired
Takafumi Harada → Bantidonce Kobe
Kijima Tetsuya → Mio Biwako Kusatsu

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mission Impossible 2005

For a slice of nostalgia take a look at the youtube video link on the right (2005/10/02) to see how just three years ago FC Gifu were in danger of not even making it out of the local Tokai League Division 2. In the final match they needed to beat Toyota Jidousha by a massive score of 7-0 to gain promotion to the Tokai Division 1 league.
Watch as this amazing story unfolds....

...and the opening dates have been announced!

FC Gifu's J2 debut season gets underway in March and it has been announced that the team will be facing Ventforet Kofu who were relegated from the J1 last year, in Yamanashi. The first home game will be against the might of Vegalta Sendai at Nagaragawa Memorial followed by a trip up to Tohoku to face Montedio Yamagata... we wait with baited breath!

03/09 vs Venteforet Kofu (away)

03/16 vs Vegalta Sendai (home)

03/20 vs Montedio Yamagata (away)