Thursday, January 17, 2008

...and the opening dates have been announced!

FC Gifu's J2 debut season gets underway in March and it has been announced that the team will be facing Ventforet Kofu who were relegated from the J1 last year, in Yamanashi. The first home game will be against the might of Vegalta Sendai at Nagaragawa Memorial followed by a trip up to Tohoku to face Montedio Yamagata... we wait with baited breath!

03/09 vs Venteforet Kofu (away)

03/16 vs Vegalta Sendai (home)

03/20 vs Montedio Yamagata (away)


gora said...

Welcome to the J-league!!! Sendai has lost some of their best players, so you have a chance there. A lot of people will cheer for you and Kumamoto this season. Good Luck!
Gora of Kyoto Sanga FC blog.

richy said...

Thanks mate! Sendai (being my other favourite team) should post a good challenge but yes, without those key players from last year, theyre definitely beatable!
PS I`ll add your blog into the links page later.
Good luck in the J1 this year!

Arne said...

Hey mate, very nice blog you have started! :D I've always supported FC Gifu from the Netherlands, so I will be interested to see how they'll do in the J-League, starting out with a match against my other favourite team: the Yamanishi Dogs aka Ventforet. I'll be reading your blog each week when the action unfolds.

richy said...

Arne mate, good to have ya back!
Unfortunately my nets been down for the last week so I cant add any new info...
But I will be in Kofu for that opening game! Should be cracker!
the Dogs vs ...the shags?? .. I wonder what Gifu's mascot will be??

Arne said...

Heheh do Gifu even have a mascot? Most J-League teams have some sort of wacky animal/Pokémon-look-a-like.. :P They'll come up with something i'm sure..