Thursday, March 20, 2008

R3 Euphoria

Montedio Yamagata 3 - 5 FC Gifu (ht 2-3)

Who would have guessed it? FC Gifu piled on five goals to record their first ever win in the J2 in Yamagata today! Takagi and Katayama added to goals each with Kan adding the cherry on the cake in the 38th minute to seal the win. In the first half it was Takagi who got the goal rush started, with a lucky deflection of Yamagata legs in the 11th minute. But Yamagata hit straight back in the 15th minute through Toyota and the 18th minute through Watanabe. In the 26th minute Katayama headed in a goal and then just before full time in the 44th minute struck in a goal for a vital 3-2 lead at half time. Gifu then came out of the sheds fastest in the second half as Takagi knocked in his second of the day. Kan popped in a final goal for Gifu in the 38th minute to seal the game. Yamagata then popped in a consolation goal in the 44th minute as Leonardo headed in from a corner kick.
The amazing thing for Gifu is that they scored their five goals of just 11 scoring chances. Yamagata on the other hand did pretty well themselves by scoring their three goals of just eight shots at goal.
Congratulations to the boys from middle earth, Japan!

Next game vs Tokushima Vortis at home this sunday.


Vendo Thefastlane said...

GREAT stuff! Those of us in middle Ibaraki are happy tonight as well, but I was amazed seeing the Yamagata - Gifu highlights. Will DEFINITELY see the replay!

richy said...

Mito played pretty good themselves mate. Great result for them too!
Good to see the underdogs performing eh!

Arne said...

Nice stuff, as expected from the Gifu boys! :) Saw the goals online, and nice stuff indeed. Did you go to the match richy?

richy said...

No mate, I had to work! Really wanted to go though.
I`ll be there on sunday for hopefully their second win of 2008!

Endo said...

great result against yamagata! congrats from avispa-blog :)
keep up your great work!

-------------NipponBasse----------------- said...

Richy: just to remind u, Gifu are shown live tomorrow on the net at
but since it's a home game, u will watch it in the stadium won't you?


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for nice blog:) I was so lucky to watch a match with gifu now and they won. It was the first match i ever seen from j-league2 and it impressed me a lot, it was better play than i fought.
So today i was very happy to wake up to a gifu match..:)

richy said...

Cheers guys. Good to see the J2 alive and kicking!
And Kaare cheers again for the link. I did watch the game live but next week I'll be in Egypt so a link like that might come in handy over there!