Monday, September 15, 2008

R35 Oh wait... it does get worse!

FC Gifu 0 - 6 Cereso Osaka (ht 0-2)

For ten minutes Gifu played the best football I've seen them play in a couple of months. Unfortunately after two defensive lapses they were down 2-0 after just fifteen minutes.
They held on for the rest of the half and the fans were still quietly confident that Gifu could fight their way back.How wrong we all were.Osaka hit two more goals in regular time and to rub salt into the wound then pounded in two more in injury time.

It really is crisis time for Gifu now. The defense is in a shambles, the midfield lack the confidence to pass the ball forward, the forwards when they get the ball can't make the most of the opportunities that they get. To top things off Manager Matsunaga seems to be making some poor player selection and substitution choices.

The last time Gifu played Osaka they lost 5-0, but unlike that game when the ref handed the win to Osaka, this time it was all Gifu's fault. Osaka, didn't play anything special. They just scored when the chances came and played with confidence. Sendai and Kofu, who Gifu play next won't be shaking in their boots thats for sure. Might as well make it a competition, who can score the most against Gifu?

Winless Streak: 10 games
Losing Streak: 4 games

Next slaughter September 20th (away) vs Vegalta Sendai


Shizuoka Dolphin said...

My days... 6-0 at home has got to hurt! I hope things pick up for you soon!

NipponBasse said...

well, another humiliating defeat for Gifu.. it's sad to see though, especially considering how positive you guys looked earlier this season. The gap from JSL to J2 seems big still, when you look at how Roasso fare these days as well as Gifu's breakdown.

11-0 on two matches in Gifu is quite impressive for Cerezo :-) Perhaps we should make that our new home stadium? :-)

richy said...

Shizuoka Dolphin (Barry??), shit, didnt realise you had an awesome site up and running! Sorry mate, added you to the links. Know that you had some tough times yourself during the start of the season but things seem to be going pretty well now. I'll take some encouragement from that!

Kaare, mate, osaka loves us!! no-one would have thought six goals! Take them while you can I say. End of season sale!
Yeah, so the JFL and J2 gap is big but I think one of the main things is the amount of games played too. A good 15 odd more a year than the JFL.
Hopefully though some of the JFL teams will be able to suprise a few J2/J1 teams in the Emperors Cup! (but please not Gifu!!)


Arne said...

Argh.. Where's the Gifu gonna sink? :(

let's hope they better their form and get some good wins before the season comes to an end.