Sunday, November 9, 2008

R42 0-1... AGAIN!!!!

FC Gifu 0 - 1 Yokohama FC (ht 0-0)

Not for the first time this season Gifu slumped to a 1-0 loss at home. over 8000 fans turned up to watch the game (and Kazu!) and appropriately Gifu lost the game (as they inevitably do when a big crowd turns up!).

The game itself was pretty even, both teams creating chances, but the only difference between the two teams was the fact that Yokohama were able to convert one goal through DF Yamada in the 66th minute.

After Kumamoto beat Ehime yesterday, todays result sees Gifu slip down to 13th on the table.

Next week - Bye
Next game November 30th (away) vs Shonan Bellmare

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