Sunday, May 24, 2009

2009 J2 Season 1/3 Review

Table (Round 17)

41 Cerezo Osaka (+20)
39 Shonan Bellmare (+21)
35 Vegalta Sendai (+35)
34 Ventforet Kofu (+9)
28 Mito Hollyhock (0)
27 Consadole Sapporo (+4)
25 Tokyo Verdy (+1)
24 Ehime FC (+4)
24 Tokushima Vortis (+3)
23 Kataller Toyama (-1)
20 Thespa Kusatsu (-4)
20 Sagan Tosu (-6)
17 Avispa Fukuoka (-8)
16 Roasso Kumamoto (-8)
16 FC Gifu (-11)
14 Tochigi SC (-10)
12 Fagiano Okayama (-17)
7 Yokohama FC (-13)

So Gifu's ends the first third of the 2009 J2 with a 4 win, 4 loss, 9 loss record.
All-in-all, not too bad considering the changes that happened within the team since the 2008 season.
Importantly for the fans, three of those wins were at home.
The problem for Gifu has been trying to find the right mix of attack and defense. Their goals for record is 14 (15th= with Tochigi SC), whereas their goals against record is 25 (14th= with Yokohama FC). So with those stats in mind it's easy to see why Gifu are 15th on the table.
Their attack is in the close - but no cigar territory. Plenty of chances, just no one's putting their hands up to fire in that winning goal. The formula is quite simple for Gifu, if they score at least one goal then they usually manage a win or a draw. Only once when they scored a goal they lost (Tokushima 3-1). On the other hand when they scored no goals they lost eight times and drew only one. This team thrives on confidence and momentum.
Defense on the other hand has been a big problem, with the core of the DF squad playing their first games in the J-league. This of course will probably get better over time, as these new players get the necessary experience needed, but unfortunately for the time being there are like to be a few hefty scores against Gifu by teams like Shonan and Cerezo.

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