Sunday, November 29, 2009

R50 vs Cerezo Osaka

Cerezo Osaka 2 - 1 FC Gifu (ht 2-1)

Gifu put up a brave fight but lacked the killer punch to knock out J2 giants Cerezo. Again they left Nagai with no points and a one point loss.
Lanky Nishikawa knocked in a ball from close range in just the 8th minutes to give Gifu a shock lead, but this woke up the beast that is Cerezo and they grabbed the lead after 20 minutes, the second goal a blinder. They then went back into hibernation for the rest of the game.
Again it was a game that Gifu could have won, but again, without inspirational skipper Kazunori they looked a bit flat on attack.
With Fukuoka winning against Mito today, a top 10 finish to the season is now impossible. Kumamoto's win put them just a point behind Gifu, along with Toyama. So depending on next weeks results Gifu could finish anywhere between 11th and 14th.
Confirmed players that won't be playing for Gifu next year are:

Kan (Kikuchi)
Seo Kwan Soo

Hopefully Gifu can put on a good performance against Tokushima with a healthy crowd behind them and give these players a good send off.


Endo said...

Too bad you lost the last games and can't battle with us about the TOP10 :(
But you got a good chance to beat Vortis, because they are mentaly K.O.
I hope Tochigi can beat Thespa, it would be good for both of us. We would end on 10th and you on 11th :)

All the best dude!

richy said...

I'll take 11th mate!!
Cheers. Ganbare for the final game!!

vegalta_spain said...

Congratulations for your blog. Live Gifu and Forza Vegalta that is my team.

richy said...

Cheers mate.
I'm Vegalta too!