Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pre Season Match 2010

Just announced that FC Gifu will play there annual preseason not-so-friendly against Nagoya Grampus on February 28th.
Forget about a win, Grampus are going to be tougher than ever this year. The goal has to be... a goal!! At least one!
We can dream about some kind of victory, but this looks like it's going to be the toughest Grampus team that we've seen in a while, and maybe the weakest Gifu team to date...
Still, whatever, play with pride and guts, and we never know what's going to happen!


Endo said...

You really think so???
From the view of the transfers, we didn't get any strong player and just bought new players for the bench...but i hope you're right! :D

We will face you at the 21st february at Miyazaki camp! :)

Cheers bro!

mymandapanda said...

hiii... nice blog u have here,
im from indonesia, id like to ask bout Gifu's player named Satoshi Otomo, he is now at our club ( Persib Bandung ) for testing.

Can u tell me further about this player? thanks anyway, u csn post or aswer it in my blog at

The Institute of Good Taste said...

Long live FC Gifu and all that sail in her!
I wait for the day they make J1!
From an old, old fan!!

richy said...

Hey Mymandapanda,
I heard that Otomo will be playing with you guys this year.
I didn't know where to post it on your site so you can copy this information if you want it.

Satoshi Otomo is a great player. Good friendly personality and a good attacking midfielder/forward.

Here are some details for you:

Satoshi Otomo

Born October 1, 1981

Position - midfield/forward

172cm, 73kg

Father is Japanese, Mother is Philipine.


Kashima Antlers Youth

Vegalta Sendai (J2/J1) 2000-2002

Sagan Tosu (J2) 2003

Yokohama FC (J2) 2004-2005

FC Raimsbacha (Germany) 2006

TDK (Prefecture League) 2006

FC Gifu (JFL/J2) 2007-2009

Games (Goals):

2000 - 39 (10)

2001 - 46 (6)

2002 - 5 (0)

2003 - 32 (1)

2004 - 36 (0)

2005 - 20 (0)

2006 - ?

2007 - 15 (0)

2008 - 19 (2)

2009 - 18 (0)


J1 - 5 (0)

J2 - 211 (19)

JFL - 15 (0)


I hope this helps you!

have a good season!!

Anonymous said...

こんにちは、私はインドネシア日本聡、大友選手から来たんだ...正式PERSIBのFC契約を結んだ。祈りなさい、彼女PERSIB FC.Thankで成功する可能性があります