Thursday, February 11, 2010

Practice/Pre-season matches

February 6
Vissel Kobe 1 - 0 FC Gifu (Kobe)
February 13
FC Gifu 2 - 3 Matsumoto Yamaga FC (Gifu)
February 20
Honda Lock 1 - 3 FC Gifu (Miyazaki)
February 21
Avispa Fukuoka 6 - 1 FC Gifu (Miyazaki)
February 24
Montedio Yamagata 1 - 3 FC Gifu (Miyazaki)
February 27
FC Gifu 3 - 0 Tsukuba University (Gifu)
February 28
Nagoya Grampus 1 - 1 FC Gifu (Nagoya)


Soccerphile said...

What is the financial status of FC Gifu? Have they secured new financing for the new season?

richy said...

They have got some new uniform sponsors, including a chest sponsor.
And they are doing things cheaply. For example they are traveling to Miyazaki by ship... the only team to do so!
Still, with the move this season to Nagaragawa Meadow, with a capacity of only 3600, they are going to do very well if they can pay back some of their debt...

Anonymous said...

We look in good shape for the new i'm just being positive but either way it will get going soon...can't wait!!!