Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July round up

3 rounds after the WC break and Gifu is sliding down the table.
Attack is ok, but defence has been pies.

Round 16 BYE

Round 17 Gifu 1 Ehime 1

Round 18 Toyama 3 Gifu 2

So Gifu has slipped down to 13th.

Next week is a big game against Kumamoto, but at this stage... we're not looking like top 10 contenders. Still, anyones got a chance in the J2 this year!


Anonymous said...

2 wins in a row Richie!!

next up the Verdy but i belive we have never beaten them...time to settle that score


Anonymous said...

You did us a big favour against JEF at the weekend. I watched the game on TV hoping you would win.

Really good win, not sure how you went in at half-time in the lead, but it ended up that you could/should have been 2-0 up!

richy said...

Damn Tokyo!!!
Always a thorn in our side!!