Thursday, November 4, 2010

October.. and the inevitable slip??

R30 Ehime FC 0-0 FC Gifu

With both teams on form, a draw here wasn't a bad result. The game was absolutely pies though.

R31 Fagiano Okayama 2-2 FC Gifu (Goals: Oshitani, Park GD)

Gifu were down 0-2 to Okayama but managed to claw their way back to 0-1 with a great individual goal to Oshitani, followed by a last minute goal to Park Gi Dong who made a great return back to the starting lineup. Better than a loss but...

R32 FC Gifu 0-1 Yokohama FC

This was the worst. Both teams hadn't lost in 5 games, Gifu hadn't lost at home for about 7 games... both teams had their moments but when Oshitani was subbed off with still 10 minutes to go they looked flat, and Yokohama managed to squeek in a lucky goal in the 91st minute.

Gifu are still sitting in 10th but have to play 1st placed Kashiwa (away) this weekend, have a BYE, and also games against 3rd placed Fukuoka (home) and 2nd placed Kofu (away) to look forward to.

It's going to be tough for the team to remain in the top 10 at the end of the year... this will show how good this team really are.

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Anonymous said...

No chance of a top 10 now (unless some miracle in scorelines)...

I wonder what you make of this season...a step forward or staying the same as last year?

It hurts to see teams like Tochigi and Kumamoto rise above us but we have beaten some top teams this year...

How well placed are we to challenge for the top 7 or top 10 next year?