Sunday, December 5, 2010

2010 Final Standings

1 Kashiwa Reysol 80
2 Ventforet Kofu 70
3 Avispa Fukuoka 69
4 JEF United Chiba 61
5 Tokyo Verdy 58
6 Yokohama FC 54
7 Roasso Kumamoto 54
8 Tokushima Vortis 51
9 Sagan Tosu 51
10 Tochigi SC 50
11 Ehime FC 48
12 Thespa Kusatsu 48
13 Consadole Sapporo 46
14 FC Gifu 45
15 Oita Trinita 41
16 Mito Hollyhock 38
17 Fagiano Okayama 32
18 Kataller Toyama 28
19 Gillavantz Kitakyushuu 15

Record: 36 games: 13 won, 6 drawn, 17 lost
Points for 32, against 45

Gifu had were sitting in the top 10 with six rounds remaining but managed to crumble against the likes of Yokohama FC and Sagan Tosu, and had they won those two games they could have come out with a top 10 finish.
Overall, another disappointing end to the season for Gifu, however with just 13 points in between 6th place and 14th place, it was a close season for most teams.

Next year will see the inclusion of Gainare Tottori as the J2 moves up to 20 teams.
While Fukuoka, Kofu and Kashiwa leave the J2 this year, Kyoto, Shonan and FC Tokyo come down to experience some grass roots football.

Should be another goody!


Anonymous said...

Greetings from London Richy!

Thanks so much for keeping me up to date. The final position was predicatbly low but i feel looking at Tochigi and Kumamoto this season we could be well placed for next year if we can keep the fundamentals in place and add a little more experience to our ranks.

Hope this new guy we just got turns out good.

Looking forward to next season...who knows i may even catch a game at the end of the year.


richy said...

By new guy I guess youre talking about our new manager!
Ive heard pleasant rumors of a return to attacking football for next year!

Anyway, Yoshimotos gone so our defence is looking dodgy, but Oshitanis still around so at least theres a chance up front!

Anyway, hopefully we can catch up this year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Richy wondering how things are going?

Hope that the NZ and Japan quakes haven't affected you as I fear they might.

Gifu not looking good either!

Will be back in Japan this October but based at Todai so you may see me in the away games especially next season if Verdy and FC Tokyo decide to stick around in J2 another year. If not then a trip to the Nagaragawa could be in order....though endaka will kill my travel chances.

richy said...

Hey bro,
not using this site at the moment. Give me an email or a phone call when you get to Japan sometime!

Anonymous said...

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