Sunday, March 22, 2009

R3 vs Ehime FC

Ehime FC 3 - 0 FC Gifu (ht 1-0)

Before the 2009 season there was a dream among Gifu supporters that this team of young university graduates would shock the J2 world presenting youth, energy and an attacking spirit that would set Gifu up for a decent mid table finish come december.
Today though, reality set in. Todays team had five starting members from 2008s Tsukuba University team. Three of the other starting members had been struggling for game time last season and so far this season also look like they would be struggling to fit in the 2008 team. But due to a lack of players putting their hands up in the larger squad, and because of their J experience, these players are finding starting spots this year.
Defensively they aren't playing too bad, but communication problems and a lack of ability to clear the ball has lead to a few goals already.
The midfield is not controlling the ball well enough and most ball that gets to the forwards is pretty slow, with the exception of a few counter-attacks.
The forwards look similar to that of last year. With the ball that they do get they are indecisive and once they decide what to do the defense is already set. And those close chances just never seem to go in...
Today Gifu showed all this and subsequently allowed three goals in against an on form Ehime. The last goal was a consolation but Gifu never looked like winning this one.

So reality has set in. This is a young team. There are going to be plenty of losses this year. And probably a few high scoring ones.
With Ehime, Tokushima, Mito etc all looking to have matured alot more this year Gifu will indeed be doing well to avoid bottom of the table. To tell the truth though, they look like the worst team out there so far this year from what I've seen...

Their next task on wednesday isn't going to be easy. Facing Kusatsu at home. A Kusatsu that have one three in a row and are on fire up front.

Come on Gifu, show your spirit!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Richy! I'm also supporter of FCG named TAG. Fortunately,I found your blog!! I am looking forward to meeting on the stadium you as follows. thanks

richy said...

Hey TAG,
Nice to see you at the game today.
Great win by Gifu!!