Wednesday, March 25, 2009

R4 vs Thespa Kusatsu

FC Gifu 1 - 0 Thespa Kusatsu (ht 0-0)

I don't know what happened in the couple of days since the big 3-0 loss to Ehime, but today Gifu came out firing and in the end picked up a much deserved win against the unbeaten in 2009 Kusatsu. The win was big for two reasons; 1. It was there first win against Kusatsu and 2. It was there first home win of the 2009 season.
The team had three changes from last weeks loss with Katagiri, Hashimoto and Tominari all joining the starting line-up and these players all played a big role in helping Gifu dominate on the field and the final scoreboard.
The cold temperature kept the play on the field quiet throughout periods of the game but the crowd of 2300 that braved the cold temperatures were on fire as they could sense an upset. They had to wait for it though and it came in the 88th minute when Someya scored his first goal for Gifu.

Next week is vs Tokushima who are looking pretty decent this year after a few seasons in the doldrums. Gifu will have to be on their game again if they want to come out with any points from this one. Still, a good win today. That's the shizzle.


TAG said...

It's very first time to win to Kusatsu. Therefore, I am very glad.

Endo said...

Congrats to the first win at home :)
We are still waiting for that :P

richy said...

Thanks guys!

Anyway, Im off to Ecuador tomorrow and the Galapagos so I'll keep the reports coming when I get back in April!

Endo said...

blablabla ;)