Tuesday, August 18, 2009

R34 vs Consadole Sapporo

FC Gifu 0 - 2 Consadole Sapporo (ht 0-1)

In a word, uninspiring. The Gifu fireworks display was supposed to be a celebration for Gifu's first ever victory over Sapporo but instead Sapporo took the three points and left Gifu to taste defeat for the first time at home in 12 games. Gifu consequently were over taken by Kusatsu in the table and are now sitting in 12th.


Arne said...

Hey Richy! Whats up?

A shame I never got around to being at a FC Gifu game during my stay in Japan, but when I return for more I'll most definitely be there! :D

Looks like the FC hit a decent patch of form as of late, blooding unexperienced youngsters until they finally start delivering something can be a method eh.. Lets just hope they'll attract a bunch of quality players (only 2 or 3 would be alright) capable of carrying the team to higher levels next season. It's an uphill battle in the J-League that's for sure.

Be looking forward to your new match reports!


oh ps did you ever find out something about that odd Dutch supporter banner? :P

richy said...

Thanks mate,
Yeah, the team is looking pretty decent at the moment. Definitely a few signings next year would help, but I guess everything depends on the teams finances at the moment.
Last year, even though it wasn't too bad, can be seen as a bit of a failure though. Definitely financially wise, but also in the fact that they bought too many experienced players whereas they perhaps should have just started from scratch like they did this year, allowing the young players to gain the experience.
Anyway, hoping for a solid end to the season.

btw the dutch banner is still a mystery. I will have to do some Sherlock Homes and find you that answer!