Monday, August 31, 2009

R36 vs Vegalta Sendai

Vegalta Sendai 2 - 1 FC Gifu (ht 1-1)

Deep down in enemy(?) territory, Gifu played a great game but were eventually overtaken by a piece of Nakahara magic that gave Gifu 0 points from a relatively well played match. I didn't see the game myself, only highlights, but from what I heard Gifu played pretty good. Nishikawa got the first goal of the game when Shimada attacked a Vegalta defender, stealing the ball and then passing to Nishikawa who did brilliantly to get the ball past a defender and the goalie into the net. Just before halftime though Vegalta struck back through a set play move, and then, with just a minute left in the game were undone by a Nakahara header.

Next game is in Kumamoto where I witnessed us lose 5-2 earlier in the season. Hopefully this time Gifu will get their revenge!

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