Sunday, September 13, 2009

R39 vs Kataller Toyama

Kataller Toyama 0 - 2 FC Gifu (ht 0-1)

Finally the day came when Gifu was able to claim the scalp of their Toyama opponents. Throughout the JFL and J2, Gifu had managed three draws and one loss to Toyama teams. Today though came revenge. The weather cleared up for the game and Gifu dominated from the start. Things looked a bit patchy in defense but Gifu was able to keep the sheet clean for the first time in a while.
Goals came through Shimada in the first half and Nishikawa in the second half. A great performance and perfect revenge for the 3-0 loss earlier in the year.
The win keeps Gifu in 11th place but now they are just one point behind Toyama and a top ten placing on the table.

Next game vs the mighty Mito Hollyhock!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet as it gets 2 goals, a clean sheet and a new scalp on the how i would have loved to have been there...

next for me will be the Kofu game i guess (a sunday) but before then we got some big/important games (by our standards)...fingers crossed. Take care mate.