Saturday, September 19, 2009

R40 vs Mito Hollyhock

FC Gifu 3 - 1 Mito Hollyhock (ht 0-0)

This was one of those games that took a while before things started happening. In fact the first half might as well not have happened. Considering the game was played at 1pm, in the 30degree heat, it's not too much of a surprise that players and fans alike took a while to get into the game.
Gifu opened the scoring through Satou and Nishikawa before Mito hit back to move the score to 2-1 and set up a tense finish. Gifu though prevailed, and managed to get another goal through Nishikawa, giving Gifu the win and bragging rights over Mito for the year.
The win puts Gifu into the top 10 in the table, and virtually ends Mito's chances of promotion this year.
Although they scored three goals, it was good, aggressive tackling and defense that won this one for Gifu.
This wednesday, is the trip to Tochigi and a chance of a three game winning streak.


Anonymous said...

What can i say? F'ing great!

Wish i didn't have to work that day...We got a real chance of ending up top 10 i guess now.

Fingers crossed that we get the max out of the Tochigi game!


richy said...

Yeah, it kinda looked like a game that could have gone either way, but Gifu seem to pull finger when it comes to Mito and there we go!

Next game against Tochigi will be important. We SHOULD win, but that means nothing in football!