Saturday, October 17, 2009

R45 vs Thespa Kusatsu

Thespa Kusatsu 1 - 0 FC Gifu (ht 0-0)

One magic moment by J2 points machine Tokura was enough to give Kusatsu their first win over Gifu this year. Both teams had their chances but both teams also played pretty average. The game was probably deserving of a nil-all draw but Kusatsu came out with the points and Gifu are left without a win after 5 J2 games.
Next Gifu have to travel to Fukuoka on wednesday. Quite a bit of travel in such a short turn around. Any chance of a top ten finish will disappear if Gifu lose this one.


Endo said...

Hey dude,

I really looking forward for our game :) It's 1-1 at the moment. Let's see who will win the third one!
You're a bit out of shape and we are good, but not really successfull..

Let's enjoy the game :)


richy said...

Congratulations mate,
Avispa are the winners this year!
Well, at least it makes it a good battle for both teams in the remaining five games!!