Sunday, October 25, 2009

R47 vs Ehime FC

FC Gifu 3 - 3 Ehime FC (ht 1-1)

I don't know what it is about the team at the moment. We were up 3-2 in extra-time, and AGAIN conceded a goal to lose 2 points...
Seems to be happening every game.
Usually if you score three points you're almost assured of a victory. But with Gifu....

Ehime knocked in the first goal early in the first half only for Gifu to hit back on the stroke of half time through a Nishikawa header from a corner kick.
In the second half Ehime again grabbed the lead but Gifu hit back 2 minutes later through a Satou PK. Then with 15 minutes remaining Gifu grabbed the lead through Hashimoto, only for Ehime to grab a goal in extra time.
For Gifu having DF Yoshimoto and Tanaka out for the game wouldn't have helped the team, but still...

Anyway, with the draw Gifu squeeked up to 11th on the table ahead of Toyama and Fukuoka by a whisker. With four games remaining and a five point gap between them and 10th placed Kusatsu, they're going to have to win at least three of the last four games to get the top 10 finish that they were aiming for at the end of the season. Lose though and they could fall as far as 14th by the end of the season.

Next week is a break for the Emperors Cup. Gifu will travel to Akita to play Matsumoto Yamaga FC who will be on a high after beating Urawa in the last round, and also winning the Shakaijin Tournament, which will put them into the regional finals and a chance at making the JFL for next year. Win and there will be a trip to Saitama-Ken to play either Oita Trinita or JEF Chiba.


Stuart said...

Hey Rich, nice blog pal.

As a fellow Gifu supporter, it is nice to see some exposure!

I couldn't make it on Sunday, but it sounded like a cracker. However, yet another late goal to add to the long list of them. Avispa's late winner, the Ventforet late turnaround and the injury time Vegalta Sendai winner. Still, at least no defeat eh?

Just interested in how you think the season has been. Would you call it a success? I know it hasn't finished yet, but we are still in with a shout of the top ten - although in this form it is looking increasingly unlikely.

Also, are Gifu planning on playing home games away from the Nagaragawa next season? Quaint little ground, but is in need of some modrenisation.

Like I say, good work with the blog mate.

richy said...

Hey Stu,
Cheers for the comment. Its quite hard to keep a J2 blog going but I'm soldiering on!

I think that the season could be called a success. I mean most people thought we would be at the bottom. Just the fact that we still have a shot at the top 10 with four rounds remaining is pretty amazing really.
Still, if we lose the last four ,then all that hard work during summer will be wasted.

Then again, if we manage to get past Matsumoto and beat a J1 team in the Emperors Cup, then that would be a big achievement for the club.

Gifu is planning on playing at Nagaragawa Medow next year while the main stadium is being fixed up. Thats that little soccer/rugby purpose stadium just round the corner. Unfortunately with upgrades theyre only looking at it fitting 3500 people, but I think that this would make a pretty good atmosphere and a ground without a running track is always welcome!

Stuart said...

Have to agree with you there Richy. It was a really good summer season for the greens with victories over Cerezo, Mito, Kattaler Toyama and Yokohama coupled with decent performances against Shonan Bellmare and Ventforet. It would be a shame if all that were to go to waste.

Having said that, let's not be too pessimistic! Good chance of a win against Matsumoto, and if we do win then either Oita or Jef United, who have both had wretched seasons, can be overcome.

With regards to the ground, maybe 4000 in a relatively tight space will be better than 6000 spread around Nagaragawa. Certainly make for a better atmosphere!!

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richy said...

Stuart - Yeah, I'm all in favour for a packed stadium and good atmosphere. Still, will miss the grass!!

Angel - Welcome mate! I'll add ya to the list!